Practice Areas

• Notarial services

Ideally, everyone would like original documents to be presented during transactions just to be safe but sadly, this is not possible as there can be only one original ( which obviously you would want to keep). Hence the reason why the system of notorial services was introduced to the world. This is a standard practice recognized worldwide to ensure that documents and transactions are certified and authentic. We want to help your transactions go as smoothly as possible (whether they are local or international ), that is why our services include:

           -  Notarizing of documents for use abroad;
          -  Preparation of documents;
          -  Certification of copies of documents;
          -  Affidavits;
          -  Oaths and statutory declarations;
          -  Deed polls;
          -  Documents in connection to marriages abroad;
          -  Bills of sale.

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• Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Mediation and Negotation

Disputes are a natural occurence within all forms of relationships, but need to be handled with care or they can be easily severed. We value relationships, that's why we put in the utmost care and consideration when guiding you through your matters. Remember, every situation does not have to be handled in the court setting and this method of settlement is designed to save the parties involved both time and cost. We are also trained mediators.Get Legal Help!

• Real Estate

Worldwide, businesses are constantly engaging in real estate transactions, vastly expanding their horizons to all corners of the globe. St. Lucia, being in the international eye for its divine appearance, is by no means excluded from these day to day proceedings. At Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we combine efficiency with our expertise to deliver the best to you our clients, both local and international alike, when handling your hard earned investments. Our services include:

          -  Rights and interests in real estate and real property;
          -  Sales, purchases and other transfers of real estate and real property;
          -  Legal aspects of rental property and landlord issues;
          -  Tenants', renters' and homeowners' rights;
          -  Title to real property;
          -  Settlements of claims against property rights;
          -  Property development;
          -  Registration of land and land use;
          -  Related agriculture issues;
          -  Conveyancing
          -  Home loans and foreclosures; and various other issues relevant to this practice.
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• Company and Corporate matters

Whether you are an aspiring up and coming entrepreneur or just thinking of incorporating and expanding your business; at Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we are able to provide the guidance and assistance you need to make the best possible decisions for your endeavour. We offer you solid, practical advice that would enable your investments to grow just the way you imagined. Get Legal Help!

• Wills and Probate

Unfortunately no one lives forever, and as a result in most situations, our assets outlive us. That's why at some point in your life, you are encouraged to make a will, that way your assets are distributed the way you want them to be. At Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we want to ensure that your words stand even after you're gone. We want to help you turn your lasting desires to words and also, see that they are executed to the "T" via a probate. Get Legal Help!

• Mortgages

Probably you have arrived at that time in your life when the kids are moving off to university (finally!); chances are that maybe, just maybe, you need to mortgage your home to support this. In case you do, we would be more than ready to assist you in this arrangement. Hand us the necessary documents, and we will take it from there in a very timely manner so in less than no time your kids would be on their way! Mortgages can be useful for so many other different undertakings, but this is one of the most popular. Whatever the reason, we are willing to help. Get Legal Help!

• Banking

As an individual or any financial institution, it is of utmost importance that you choose a law firm which has your best interest at heart; one that would offer the best legal opinion on any area you need. Whether you need representation for delinquent clients not paying off their loans or need for us to assist you with negotiations and litigation against a financial institution in court, we vow to carry out that duty to the best of our ability. Get Legal Help!

• Insurance

Insurance is one of the biggest businesses in today's era, everyone wants to secure their hard earned possessions; but getting the right policy for you may require some legal assistance. At Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we will offer you advice of the highest quality when it comes to such matters. We would always be readily available to discuss any queries you may have about your potential insurance policy so that you would be making an informed decision at the end of the day!  Get Legal Help!

• Hotel and Catering law

Being based in a nation which thrives on tourism, it is to no surprise that we are involved in the hotel and catering aspect of law. It is vital that the standards and transactions of such establishments be carefully checked and enforced, and at Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we would be more than happy to assist you in doing this. Having staff equipped with the knowledge and requisite skills to set and to serve are also just as important and that is why we offer staff training in the following areas:

          -  Health and safety legislation;
          -  Licensing laws;
          -  Food and beverage health standards;
          -  The contractual rights and duties of employers and employees;
          -  The employer, the employee and contract of employment;
          -  The hotelier and the guest
          -  The restaurateur and the customer.

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• Immigration law

We can't blame you if you decide to move to St. Lucia ...but we can help you. We can assist you to reside in paradise the right way whether you are moving to take advantage of business offers; or treating yourself to your retirement dream. We are proactive in getting you the information as well as giving you the advice you need in order to make your transition to our beautiful island as seamless as possible. Get Legal Help!

• Employment

Whether you own a small company or work with a multi-national business, they would all admit to you that they face similar issues; from having to pay compensation to workers to discrimination in the work environment and absence due to sickness. Having to deal with such issues alone without a mediator can be a headache... but it doesn't have to be. At Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we are here to make sure both the employer and employee know their rights. Whatever the case may be, we believe you should have proper representation and we are here to offer it. Our services in this area include but are not limited to:

          -  Overseeing workplace health and safety standards;
          -  Seeing that fair wages are distributed;
          -  Overseeing settlements for retirement and pensions;
          -  Settling employee benefits.

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• Divorce

This can be one of the most trying periods in an individual's life, but with the right guidance and advice, one could quickly get to the end of this chapter. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver in such a way that this process is done efficiently and most importantly, confidentially. At Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we tailor our services to give you the most amicable and peaceful settlement possible, and of course, this is done in a timely manner because we have your interest at heart! However, if both parties cannot agree despite our best efforts, we will represent you in your contested divorce as well. Our sevices include:

          -  Filing petition for divorce;
          -  Representation in court hearings;
          -  Contested and uncontested divorces;
          -  Issues of jurisdiction;
          -  International custody disputes;
          - All ancillary matters;
          -  Advising on settlements after divorce has already been finalised;
          -  Custody agreements;
          -  Maintenance agreements;
          -  Property disputes.

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• Civil and Commercial litigation

Sometimes life takes unpleasant, unexpected turns in which someone tramples on someone else's rights. Of course... justice must prevail and this is where the civil litigation process comes into play. This is a method we use to resolve private disputes among persons. Commercial litigation however, deals with the business related disputes. This can range from debt collection all the way to breach of contracts. Relax, at Trudy O. Glasgow & Associates, we handle everything above and in between.

          -  Fraud and deceptive trade practices;
          -  Agreements limiting competition;
          -  Misuse of intellectual property;
          -  Securities law violations;
          -  Employer/employee disputes;
          -  Breach in contracts;
          -  Tortious interference with contracts;
          -  Debt collections.

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