Statement of Client Rights

Every client that comes through our doors will be treated with respect and courtesy. If you require legal services that we do not offer, we will refer you to a lawyer or law firm that does.

Our law firm prides itself on giving professional, independent legal advice. Any potential areas of conflict are clearly expressed to the client. If we feel we are unable to assist for whatever reason, we will refer the case on.

Every client has the right to expect to be billed fairly and reasonably. Our fees and services are explained from the outset to ensure the payment plan is one that our law firm and client is comfortable with.

We invite questions and concerns and it is our firm's policy to return all telephone calls promptly (within 24 hours). We also keep our clients informed of the status of their matter, and honour confidentiality of our clients' matters.

We believe in the ethical conduct of our lawyers and staff, and do not refuse representation of any client due to race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or creed.