• It’s just a matter of jurisdiction…

One of the questions that your lawyer will consider for divorce proceedings is whether or not the courts have jurisdiction. I will consider some of the jurisdictional issues that may arise when a couple is getting divorced. Read This Article!

• Miscarriages of justice

The law is a system of rules that govern a particular society. Those who break the rules are usually punished. But the law is not infallible and on occasion, persons are punished for a crime that they did not commit; this is an example of a miscarriage of justice. Read This Article!

• Everyone should make a will

Death is a taboo subject that no one ever seems entirely comfortable discussing, but it is the inevitable end for us all. It is important to make special preparations for the end of your life as you would every other aspect of your time on earth. One such preparation is making a will. Naturally, if you are under the age of eighteen unless you have inherited a lot of money or some other exceptional circumstances, this isn’t something you need to worry about yet. But for the rest of us, even those of modest incomes, it is something worth looking into especially if you have special instructions in terms of funeral arrangements and the like. Read This Article!

• The rights and obligations of a usufructuary

The definition of a ‘usufruct’ as outlined in the Civil Code of Saint Lucia, Chapter 4.01, 2006 Revised Edition, Book third, Chapter first, clause 394 is as follows: ‘Usufruct is the right of using and enjoying things of which another has the ownership, in the same manner as the owner uses and enjoys them, but subject to the obligation of preserving their substance.’ Read This Article!

• Been in an accident?

When I was involved in a road accident in November 2007 and it was a real learning experience. Here are a few points to bear in mind if you find yourself in such an unfortunate set of circumstances. Read This Article!